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A focused online marketing plan must encompass the entire customer journey.  That belief is the centerpiece of our business.  Done properly, inbound marketing becomes a culture for your company that attracts qualified prospects, nurtures them to close and works to retain and resell.   It challenges your business to provide value at every touch point, positioning yourself as a valuable asset.

Our unique approach to inbound marketing leverages common best practices along with our proprietary blend of tactics customized to each client. All service offerings we execute can be put in one of four buckets: Prospect, nurture, close or repeat. We are strategists, designers, writers and developers committed to the customer journey.


Collaborative lead generation strategy is created through research and consultation, establishing best practices.  EPIC utilizes our inbound marketing techniques across multiple channels and platforms.


Customized lead stages are created and prospects are led through the new collaborative sales funnel.  Marketing automation supports nurturing and movement to systematize custom best practices established.


Best-in-class analytics platforms are leveraged to facilitate better decisions, faster.  Analysis of predictive behavior dictates customize closing cycle for each client.  Prospects are segmented and placed in close cycle only when they are most likely to buy.


Purchase decision is reinforced throughout the buying process and beyond.  Our customer success strategies help to keep clients happy and active in the sales cycle.  New offers are presented and clients are once again nurtured towards close.
If you’ve made it this far, maybe you can go a little farther.  Contact us and let’s meet.  We will consult with you to assess your goals and analyse your current assets so we can make our recommendations.  Once engaged, we create a customized customer journey road map for your business.  Our road maps include content calendars, social calendars, timelines, way points and the research and analytics to back it all up.

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