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prospect. nurture. close. repeat.

customer journey architects and developers

a different perspective

Our unique approach to inbound marketing leverages common best practices along with our proprietary blend of tactics customized to each client. All service offerings we execute can be put in one of three buckets: Prospect, nurture or close.

Collaborative lead generation strategy is created through research and consultation, establishing best practices.

EPIC utilizes the best content marketing techniques across multiple channels and platforms.

Social audience building and conversion to leads are central to our inbound marketing strategy.

Customized lead stages are created and prospects are led through the new collaborative sales funnel.

Marketing automation supports nurturing and movement to systematize custom best practices established.

Best in class analytics platforms are leveraged to facilitate better decisions, faster.

Analysis of predictive behavior dictates customize closing cycle for each client.

Prospects are segmented and placed in close cycle only when they are most likely to buy.

Purchase decision is reinforced throughout negotiation, the buying process and beyond.

service elements

All service offerings are executed by the EPIC team, which includes web and graphic design, web and app development, strategic planning, content planning and social media development.  EPIC is a turn key solution for all aspects of inbound marketing.

a predictable path

Every initiative has a starting point. After extensive testing and deep analysis the processes and systems dialed in should be totally customized to your unique business. Cookie cutter just doesn't cut it.

We don’t believe in making things any more complicated they need to be.  The more clear your objectives the easier the path to get there.  Our internal processes reflect these tenants.

As processes and systems are employed, along with initial discovery, we can establish common sense foundation processes customized to any business so they can be taught as part of internal best practices.

The final goal is to train on the tools and systems that make the processes work so mistakes and holes are minimized.  Inbound marketing in the end will be an important part of a company’s culture and success.

a better destination

The customer journey is central to everything we do.

the travel plan

Each client has their own customer journey plan based on business plan and rules.

the map

Each site is laid out with rich value proposition way points marked along the way.

the sites

Customer journey destinations provide value for the customer every time.

the purpose

We are intentional about value as it increases leads and retains clients.

the happy place

Happy clients become fans and fans increase the volume and health of a business.

the final destination

Properly planned and executed, the customer journey becomes the lifecycle of a business.


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what to expect next

Simply reach out to us here to get started:


We start by gathering information about your business, goals and current assets so we can build a customer journey roadmap for you.


We develop your customer journey roadmap at a high level, create initial schedule and generate a proposal.


After execution of agreement we conduct a kick off meeting with deeper and more specific action items and schedule.